Hiring is one thing.

No matter what side of the hiring desk you're on today, you'll likely see both sides of it over the course of your career. Here's your guide.

The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired, the Audiobook, and the Job-seeker Video Series
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For Hiring Managers

Don't have time to spend defining the job and developing Performance Profiles? Get over it—fast!

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For Recruiters

The Essential Guide is the key for reaching buy-in with hiring managers and getting candidates prepped.

Recruiter Training

For Candidates

Understanding how the hiring process works will help you get the job you deserve—and help your new company reach new levels of success.

Jobseeker's Video Series

Performance-based Hiring

It's about “doing” the work required, not the “having” of a series of qualities that can be checked off a list.

What is Performance-based Hiring?

Tools & Techniques

Methods, concepts, checklists and charts that help smooth your path through the ongoing revolution in hiring.

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Legal Review

The book includes a legal survey of Performance-based Hiring by David Goldstein of Littler Mendelson, the largest labor firm in the U.S.

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